Suffering Ethiopian Housemaid in Lebanon

 A mobile phone video footage that shows an Ethiopian domestic worker being beaten and dragged by force into a car under the gaze of bystanders outside the Ethiopian consulate in Beirut, Lebanon has caused angry reactions amongst Ethiopian netizens The video shows her laying on her back on the side of the road surrounded by her perpetrators […] Continue reading →

Early Marriage in Ethiopia and Change ?

 by Alexandra Hervish RELATED Fact Sheet on Child MarriageEnding Child Marriage: Interview With Mary Robinson, Former President of Ireland and Member of The EldersWho Speaks for Me? Ending Child MarriagePRB Discuss Online: Child Marriage in Yemen Ethiopia has one of the highest rates of early marriage in the world, with one in two girls marrying […] Continue reading →

Ethiopian orphan gave me the gift of optimism

 BRUCE KIRKBY | Columnist profile From Global Mail Our mules grunted and clattered across Ethiopia’s rumpled highlands, staggering beneath heavy rafts and two months of expedition food. The land was awash in green following the rainy season; tender shoots of teff (the national grain) carpeted muddy hillsides like a million emerald pipe cleaners. Daytime humidity was crushing. At […] Continue reading →