The Totemic Child in Omotic tribesmen of Ethiopia

 Is the tide turning against the killing of ‘cursed’ infants in Ethiopia? By Matthew D. LaPlante, Special to CNN November 5, 2011 — Updated 1155 GMT (1955 HKT) Erma Ayeli’s first child was considered “mingi,” or cursed by her Ethiopian village, and killed. A child can be mingi because of physical deformities, illegitimacy, ancient superstitions and […] Continue reading →

Addis Ababa Urban Farming

 Urban Farming in Ethiopia — City Farmer News Linked by Michael Levenston Plan Canada’s contribution Plan Canada President and CEO, Rosemary McCarney, visits an urban farming project in Ethiopia. Plan provides families with high-grade seeds, tools, and training so that they’re able to grow food to eat or to sell in the market for income. […] Continue reading →