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7th Anniversary MLV

In memory of Eritrean Para-athletes 800M Fem Finale IAAF Para-cycling Championship S. Korea

This is para cycling 800m Feminine final held in the World Athletic Championship meeting. Normally the Para meeting is held end the end the main one. South Korea made the first precedent by considering the pra athletes one and the same with the others. We have dedicated this video for the Eritrean Pra athletes we have trained for over 5 years and who never made it to this meeting under the auspices of Warsia athletics and Maison del La Vie . We hope in the future the para meeting will draw participants from extra European Athletes. We are appreciative for the effort of IAAF and Korean organisatiors to set the stranded for such occasions.

Eritrean “Lost Athletes”


This   road running was  organized in  the city Asmara in the memory  of  those  runners of Wrasaie athletics taken for military service of six months  and never make it back while their colleges from other regional clubs returned. Their fate was sealed by diffusing them to the different parts of the country’s  defense forces after being trained by  our club for competition  for over three years. They were taken in a time prepared to give result. We believe they would have defended their country in the international sports arena than the battle field to bring peace  and glory to their country by  raising  its flags among the constellations of nations. This has provoked  majority of them sadly  to run to the neighboring countries to become refugees. Thus  lamenting in  refugee camps  rather than representing  their beloved country.We hope letting private run  clubs to work in Eritrea  and letting them to compete freely like Kenya  and other African country will stop athletes  from seeking political  refugee and  escaping when ever they are send to competition if ever.  Only  the same athletes are send for competition  the whole year round. Moreover,  the recruitment is not based on the qualification but by merit  controlled by few interest groups. We hope this misfortune will be stopped and a true  athleticism will flourish in the future…
Prof. Muse Tegegne  for Warsaie athletics and Maison de La vie